Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Installing an Epson TM U220 using USB in Windows XP

Today I was tasked to go to one of our clients in Makati to install a receipt printer (Epson TM U220) and use a printer port-usb connector because the CPU there does not have any parallel port (I think almost all modern CPUs do not have parallel ports already, at least my laptop doesn't have one).

I was looking for the CD installer of the printer but could not find it. Fortunately, after 30 minutes of sniffing the web I was able to find one. So for those who need it go to http://install.westgatesoftware.com/drivers/PRINTERS/Epson/TM-T90/ and download APD304e.exe or just search for that executable file using Google. Just follow these steps to install the driver:

  1. Run the installer.
  2. Select the right OS.
  3. Select USB as the port to be used.
  4. Select the correct model from the list.
  5. Let the installer do its work.
  6. Restart your computer.

The other hard part is, if you're not familiar with installing printers using USB port instead of a printer port without the CD installer which I am earlier), how do I make it work after running the installer. Here's a simple procedure:
  1. Go to Control Panel and select Printer and Faxes.
  2. Select the correct printer from the list, in this case it's Epson TM U220, right click and select Properties.
  3. Go to the Port tab.
  4. You'll see that the printer you've just installed is using USB. You have to change that. Look for `Virtual Printer Port for USB` and select it and Apply.
  5. If you check the Printer and Faxes folder again, the status of the printer should be `Ready`. If it's not just restart your computer.
  6. After restarting, go right back to the Properties of the printer and go to the Port tab and uncheck both `Enable bidirectional support` and `Enable printer pooling`.
  7. Run a Test Print.
  8. If it did not print then go to Code and Cook where I got most of this (look at the comments maybe those can help you) and what made me write about it again because I thought it is a helpful article.
Good luck and share your experience.

- Bob


oliver said...

hello, i am having a similar problem and tried ur solution but didnt work. i have a bixolon srp 275 receipt printer and i want to use it on my laptop, no parallel port but i bought the parallel to usb cable. also, i want to use it for the program PixelPoint POS which only supports LPTs and COM ports. i installed the srp 275 driver from the bixolon site but couldnt print anything on notepad, wordpad, or the POS software. i tried ur solution with this driver and nothing. Also, i tried the 'VirtualCOM to USB' driver from BIxOLON, installed it but the virtual configuration program didnt find the printer so i basically couldnt assign a "com" port to the usb port. im pretty sure i need the virtual com to usb driver because the POS does not recognize any USB printing port. any help or redirection will be greatly appreciated ;) thank you

Bob said...

Hi Oliver,

To be honest, I'm not familiar with PixelPoint POS and Bixolon receipt printers, so I'm afraid I would not be of much help but I'll let you know if I have some lead on your problem.

And also I think the driver I suggested here will only work with Epson receipt printers.


Ankit said...

I have the parallel port - LPT version of the printer - unable to make it work through a LPT2USB Cable. Please help


Gavian said...

I could use help installing this on windows 7

Anonymous said...

Worked Perfectly on Windows 7 32-Bit!

Dipesh said...

I have the same exact printer and same exact problem, but i am running windows 7 64bit. I did followed the above and no luck. Under devices and printers it shows that the epson printer is ready but fails to print the test page. Also there is also a unspecified tab which shows the cable, I don't know if that makes a difference.

But anyideas?

Bob said...

@Dipesh: I am not quite sure what's your specific problem but I guess it has to do with your OS since the driver I mentioned here is for Windows XP only you might want to try finding a compatible driver for Window 7 64 bit.

POS SYSTEM said...


UB-U02II - Epson's USB Connect-It module is what you will need to convert your RS-232 or Parallel TM-T88 into USB interface.

Most of the RS232/Parallel to USB adapter do not work with this Epson printer.

Hope this Help.

Will Samson

Marc Obaldo said...

Hi Bob,

I recently got a TM-U220 unit (cheap 2nd hand from Sulit, couldn't pass it off) with a parallel-to-usb cable and I was able to get this to work, using older drivers (3.10) -- I can print test pages fine.

However, I would like to use OPOS ADK for .NET with this. I already have POS for .NET, OPOS ADK for .NET, CCO, etc. set up, but configuring SetupPOS is really driving me crazy.

Do you have any idea how I can set it up?


Anonymous said...

This doesn't work for Windows 7 professional. With a french OS.

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